Whether you are focused on getting caught up on bills, paying down debt, or saving and investing, it won’t always be easy.  Heck, it may never be easy. Making your money behave is tough.  Companies are constantly competing for your dollars and your friends and neighbors are buying new cars, taking wonderful vacations, and posting it all on the social media that you carry around in your pocket everyday.

What keeps anyone on track when there are so many derailing influences is their goals.

I recently saw a house that made me think, “wow,  I wish I could just write a check and make that place ours.”  I mean I super liked that house,  I want it for my family. I want it for the schools, the neighborhood, the back yard, the deck and outdoor space, and if I’m being completely honest… the master bath had an amazing shower.

In reality that place is out of reach at this time and I’m not about to put my financial situation at risk by stretching myself irresponsibly thin to try and make it a reality.  But what I can do is print a picture of it and put it on my mirror as a reminder to save and be responsible with money, to hustle at work so I can earn a raise, maybe a bonus.   It’s the goal, the reason to sacrifice, for a better future.

I challenge you to dream big too.  What would life be like when you reach your goal?  Maybe it’s an international trip with friends, treating your extended family to a nice dinner out, private school for your kids…  whatever it may be, make a goal for yourself, and focus on it.  Thinking of it will keep you on track and remind you why you are budgeting and living within your means.

Jen Lynne adds: If you’re married, don’t forget to dream together with your spouse! It is important to be on the same page as your husband or wife, dream together, and create joint goals. Plus, it’s fun! Michael Paul and I have had many wonderful conversations about our future together over coffee or drinks.

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