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If you have ever felt intimidated by money or just felt like you didn’t know where to start, you are not alone.  Back in the day of pension plans our companies would take care of this for us.  Now with the more popular 401K and private investing, our financial future has been left up to us. Unfortunately, most of us haven’t been given the tools we need to navigate saving, investing, and building wealth.

The mission of this site is to give those of you, who were like me years ago, the tools you need to confidently lay a solid foundation and begin to build wealth.

I welcome you to search through the posts for answers to your questions. If there’s something you can’t find please email and I’ll do everything I can to help.

Who are these Murphys?

Michael and Jennifer (R.I.P. beard)
Michael and Jennifer (R.I.P. beard)

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Jennifer (my wife as of April 29, 2017! ) and I became passionate about money and personal finance while working together to build a solid financial foundation. Our posts here are meant to provide informationmotivation and Inspiration about money, personal finance, eliminating debt, and building wealth!

I have  a passion for personal finance and want to help anyone I can to implement the things in their own lives that have helped me get control of my finances begin to build wealth.

While I still work full-time, I sleep easy knowing I am well positioned to support my family in almost anything life throws at us.  I think we all deserve that feeling and if you are willing to work hard and sacrifice for a better future, I can certainly help.

Contact me if you have any questions about the steps I lay out here or would like more information about a certain topic.

I'm here to help you find financial peace of  mind.